external hemorrhoids symptoms

External Hemorrhoids: Symptoms and Treatment

External Hemorrhoid Symptoms occur when the hemorrhoidal veins in the rectum breach the wall of the anus to distend outside of the anal canal. Any hemorrhoid that extends beyond the anus is considered to be external, with the exception of what is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid, which occurs initially inside of the anus but as it worsens eventually protrudes beyond what is called the distal of the anal canal.

External Hemorrhoid Symptoms are caused by a variety of factors. Obesity can result in undo pressure being imposed on the veins of the rectum, as can poor posture or muscle tone, all of which may contribute to the development of hemorrhoids; pregnancy can be responsible for over-straining during bowel movements, in addition to generating pressure in the pelvic region and rectum, which are recognized factors that contribute to hemorrhoidal flare-ups; water retention experienced by women who are menstruating, in addition to prolonged bouts of diarrhea are also known to be causal agents in the development of hemorrhoids; and cigarette smoking during bowel movements, whi hemorrhoids