Millions suffer from adrenal-related disorders and they don’t even know it. You may be one of them. The adrenal glands are relatively small, but vital organs that manufacture key hormones which regulate the impact of nearly every internal and external stimulus event on the human body. As a key part of the complex endocrine system of glands, everything from illnesses, injuries, emergencies, digestion, physical, mental and emotional events are perceived, identified, managed and finally routine by this miracle mechanism of the human body. Without the smooth functionality of the adrenal glands, nearly every bodily system could be affected. A list of lifelong, devastating symptoms can occur if adrenal disorders are not properly diagnosed and treated. This is an extremely important, involved, and overlooked medical issue. Please carefully read this alert and refer to the listed symptoms and sources for further information about this serious medical condition.


The process of sleep and getting enough is one of the most frequent reasons most Americans suffer from a wide range of problems. Chronic lack of sleep can have an extremely deleterious effect on every physiological, mental and emotional state. Sleep deprivation or insomnia has been linked to mental fatigue, mood disorders, depression and general physical breakdown, leading to loss of on-the-job productivity, increased risk of automobile and job-related accidents and even suicide. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help attain the state of sleep and get more of it by eating the right foods before bedtime. This article has many answers and charts which foods have the right properties that induce sleep without impacting any regular or specialized diet plan. This is a must-read for insomniacs and light sleepers who are sufferers of one of the most common, yet misunderstood lifestyle issues.


Sleep is essential for our health and well being. It allows our body to rejuvenate and restore itself. It helps the body to create new cells. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest causes of premature aging. Tiredness can significantly affect your mood and how you feel. Besides the usual brain fog and irritability that [...]


You can eliminate hemorrhoids from your life forever with a holistic solution if you are willing to treat all the factors that have led to your condition. Using home remedies with natural ingredients and committing to lifestyle changes can be best way to treat your hemorrhoids and restore your health.

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Although kidney stones in and of themselves are not a life-threatening health risk, they indicate numerous dietary and other health issues which should be addressed before they compromise your overall health and well being. The good news is that the presence of kidney stones are hard to ignore because the bad news is that they are also one of the most painful health experiences the human body may endure short of child birth, migraine headaches or physical trauma. The most surprising facts about kidney stones are that many long-held beliefs about their origin, treatment protocols and dietary options have changed dramatically in the last few years. This report reveals them, offering effective and immediate ways to help avoid kidney stone formation.

Did you know chocolate has many health benefits? Find out in this H.I.C. article everything you ever wanted to know about Chocolate and how it effects your health and digestion.

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Untreated Anorexia Nervosa leads to unspeakable hell for those who suffer its devastating psychological and physical effects. Although a great deal of media attention has focused on this disease and its impact in the world of fashion, sports and performing arts, Anorexia remains a complicated and misunderstood condition that impacts the lives of thousands daily in all walks of life.This article by Ronald Uy, RN, tears the lid off this shadowy world and sharply defines what Anorexia really is, its signs and symptoms, who is at the greatest risk, what leads to it, how it is diagnosed, while providing sound advice and hope for sufferers as well as friends and family.


What happens to the human bodies digestive system as we age? Learn how aging affects our teeth, esophagus, stomach and other vital organs necessary for healthy digestion. Read this informative article by H.I.C. team author Ronald Uy to get fascinating facts about the aging process and our digestive system.

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Bulimia Nervosa: Purging to Look Good

Today’s society pressures people to have an excellent physique and look attractive. This pressure has caused major problems in the human psyche. Instead of a healthy diet and exercise, people are now purging to look good. The abuse of purging actually gives the patient a sense of relief, this is a psychological disorder known as bulimia nervosa. In this H.I.C. article, by Ronald Uy, you will learn various symptoms of bulimia and recommended treatments to help someone with this psychological disorder. Bulimia is a serious concern and extremely unhealthy. If you know someone with this disorder please read on and you can help them.

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Diabetic Diets

Throughout the course of our day, we all take time to replenish our bodies with food. Eating, both as a necessity of life and a source of pleasure, is something we do several times a day without giving it much thought. We eat when we are hungry, or because it’s time for lunch or dinner. But to those individuals with Diabetes, the food they eat and the frequency of those meals is never a careless afterthought. Diabetics must perform a daily “balancing act" of eating the proper amount of the right foods at the right time, while always being mindful of their blood glucose levels. So, what is the proper diet for a diabetic, and how can it be executed to maintain a healthy lifestyle? This informative H.I.C. Digestive Health article by Ronald Uy, RN offers excellent advice and nutritional guidance to achieve a stable and rewarding diabetic diet!

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Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoids are a fact of life and although they are also often a source of humor, their presence is no joke. Though usually not a critical health risk, the pain they generate is critical for sufferers. Treating hemorrhoids is a serious matter for a majority of people around the world because by the age of 50 over half the population will develop hemorrhoids that require some form of treatment. Ten to twenty million Americans are living with active hemorrhoids, and spend over 250 million dollars yearly on over-the-counter products – with five million seeking medical treatment. Hemorrhoid treatment would be unnecessary if people would alter just a few simple daily practices including diet, their bathroom routine and overall health habits. Please read further to learn which hemorrhoid treatment option is best for you, including your own preventative measures – written by one of the top hemorrhoid surgeons in America.

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Ulcers: Debunking Six Common Myths

Ulcers are a common digestive health disorder which many Americans suffer from. A lot of us think we know what the root causes of ulcers are. Well, think again my fellow U.S. citizens. In this new H.I.C. article, Ronald Uy, RN uncovers the myths of what does not cause ulcers and surprises us about what really does.

Thumbnail image for Eating your way to a Healthy Pregnancy

Eating your way to a Healthy Pregnancy

One of the most important issues facing women of childbearing age besides getting pregnant — followed by a successful delivery of a healthy baby — is what to eat in order to maintain a healthy, trouble-free pregnancy. Women who are otherwise lax about diet and lifestyle issues, are never quite the same after pregnancy – because she’s now eating for two. For instance, some food elements, such as fat – usually not good for a healthy diet – is an important part of a pregnant woman’s diet. Author Ronald Uy illustrates several fats that are very beneficial for particular trimester periods. For instance, fish and dairy products are best during the accelerated growth of the final trimester while vegetables high in fiber and iron are ideal during the early stages of pregnancy. If you are pregnant – or planning to be – please read on. You will find valuable tips on what to eat that will have a positive effect on your pregnancy.

Thumbnail image for Sodium Dangers: 10 Tips to reduce sodium in your diet

Sodium Dangers: 10 Tips to reduce sodium in your diet

Now more than ever, American’s are consuming way too much sodium in their diet, and the repercussions can be dangerous. In this H.I.C. article, by Ian Cohen, you’ll identify various sodium dangers, and the damaging effects they can have on your health. You’ll also identify which foods are highest in sodium content, and should be avoided, or at least limited from your diet as much as possible. From hypertension and heart disease to kidney stones and osteoporosis, consistent consumption of excess sodium is a likely culprit. By identifying the right amount of sodium to include in your diet, you’ll be able to minimize its harmful effects, and still enjoy a tasty – slightly less salty – meal.

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Fiber in Fruit Contributes to Health

As you probably already know, fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber and is essential to your diet. But what exactly is fiber? What’s the importance of fiber in the body, and why do we need it? In this H.I.C. article, author Joy Seeman answers these questions while touting the proven benefits of fiber in combating a variety of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, diverticulitis, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and of course constipation. You’ll also learn which fruits are most rich in fiber, and the recommended amounts to eat on a daily basis. By better understanding the importance of fiber to a healthy diet, you’ll be able to improve and maintain physical wellness and to help stave off infections and disease. So grab your favorite piece of fiber-rich fruit and discover the many benefits it can bring to your health.

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Fats: The Good. The Bad. And The Truth.

Fat can do your body good. That’s right, fat. It’s just a matter of choosing the right types and amounts of fat to incorporate in your daily diet. In this HIC article written by Ian Cohen, you’ll learn more about the benefits of good fats, as well as the hazards of bad fats, and how to distinguish between the two. This article also identifies those foods rich in good fats such as olives, walnuts and salmon. You’ll also identify food commonly known to contain bad fats like cakes, pies, whole milk and fried foods. By better understanding the differences and significance that fat plays in your diet, you’ll be able to make better decisions that affect your overall well-being.

Thumbnail image for Caffeine: Facts, Effects and Dangers

Caffeine: Facts, Effects and Dangers

Did you know that caffeine is one of the most widely used drugs in the world? From a cup of Joe to bar of chocolate this naturally produced stimulant derived from the leaves and seeds of plants can be found in a variety of the foods, drinks and household medicines we frequently use. In this HIC article written by Ian Cohen, you’ll learn more about the short and long-term effects of this incredible drug, along with the warning signs in which to be aware. For those who consume moderate to excessive amounts of caffeine on a daily basis this article will help identify common negative symptoms, including those related to the digestive tract. This article also touches upon the harmful effects of caffeine on children, along with withdrawal options for those looking to wean themselves off this potent drug.

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