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Truck drivers often suffer from hemorrhoids. Here are 12 steps that any truck driver can do to help heal hemorrhoids while on the road. So take a few minutes and read this article written especially for truck drivers who have hemorrhoids.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are really a form of external hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can often be extremely painful. This H.I.C. article on thrombosed hemorrhoids will tell you the causes, symptoms and treatment options behind this often painful hemorrhoidal condition.


Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids is a common problem amongst women. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to developing hemorrhoids due to the consistent pressure that is exerted by the fetus upon the pelvic region. The continual straining that occurs during bowel movements as a result of this pressure can result in the hemorrhoidal veins of the anus [...]


Although when the sight of blood on toilet tissue or in the bowl can be alarming, usually it’s a simple matter of bleeding hemorrhoids which can be easily diagnosed and treated. Like it or not, hemorrhoids are a fact of life and can be a source or embarrassment and/or pain, but rarely lead to anything more serious. If you need the lowdown on what causes the condition, its symptoms and what measures you can take to relieve the condition through medication and diet, read on. This is a comprehensive, in-depth look at bleeding hemorrhoids and – most importantly – how to recognize the difference between mere bleeding hemorrhoids and more serious issues of anal bleeding and hemorrhage because no one should sit still and ignore the problem.


The two most effective ways of relieving the pain of hemorrhoids, which give prompt relief and have gratifying results, are the most simple. They are the use of the elevated-pelvis position and the ordinary hot sitz-bath. If you have a comfortable position to start with, there is usually a better outcome in reducing the pain [...]

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Anal fissures and Hemorrhoids can be easily confused or misdiagnosed. Read more about the differences between Anal Fissures and Hemorrhoids in this post.


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