Digestive Disorders

Millions suffer from adrenal-related disorders and they don’t even know it. You may be one of them. The adrenal glands are relatively small, but vital organs that manufacture key hormones which regulate the impact of nearly every internal and external stimulus event on the human body. As a key part of the complex endocrine system of glands, everything from illnesses, injuries, emergencies, digestion, physical, mental and emotional events are perceived, identified, managed and finally routine by this miracle mechanism of the human body. Without the smooth functionality of the adrenal glands, nearly every bodily system could be affected. A list of lifelong, devastating symptoms can occur if adrenal disorders are not properly diagnosed and treated. This is an extremely important, involved, and overlooked medical issue. Please carefully read this alert and refer to the listed symptoms and sources for further information about this serious medical condition.


The process of sleep and getting enough is one of the most frequent reasons most Americans suffer from a wide range of problems. Chronic lack of sleep can have an extremely deleterious effect on every physiological, mental and emotional state. Sleep deprivation or insomnia has been linked to mental fatigue, mood disorders, depression and general physical breakdown, leading to loss of on-the-job productivity, increased risk of automobile and job-related accidents and even suicide. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help attain the state of sleep and get more of it by eating the right foods before bedtime. This article has many answers and charts which foods have the right properties that induce sleep without impacting any regular or specialized diet plan. This is a must-read for insomniacs and light sleepers who are sufferers of one of the most common, yet misunderstood lifestyle issues.


Ulcers are a common digestive health disorder which many Americans suffer from. A lot of us think we know what the root causes of ulcers are. Well, think again my fellow U.S. citizens. In this new H.I.C. article, Ronald Uy, RN uncovers the myths of what does not cause ulcers and surprises us about what really does.


One of the most important issues facing women of childbearing age besides getting pregnant — followed by a successful delivery of a healthy baby — is what to eat in order to maintain a healthy, trouble-free pregnancy. Women who are otherwise lax about diet and lifestyle issues, are never quite the same after pregnancy – because she’s now eating for two. For instance, some food elements, such as fat – usually not good for a healthy diet – is an important part of a pregnant woman’s diet. Author Ronald Uy illustrates several fats that are very beneficial for particular trimester periods. For instance, fish and dairy products are best during the accelerated growth of the final trimester while vegetables high in fiber and iron are ideal during the early stages of pregnancy. If you are pregnant – or planning to be – please read on. You will find valuable tips on what to eat that will have a positive effect on your pregnancy.


Vitamin Enhanced Waters are becoming more and more popular. They now seem to be the beverage of choice among health conscience people on the go. However, are there any real health benefits to these liquids that come in more colors than a box of crayons? How truthful are the claims touted by the manufactures of these drinks? Find out the answer to these questions and many more in this new H.I.C. article by David Gilbert.

Energy drinks come in colorful cans and have creative names. They seem woven into our culture now just like apple pie and beer. But, how safe are they? What ingredients go into making these high-octane formulas? H.I.C. writer Ronald Uy breaks it all down for you in this new article, “The truth behind energy drinks".

The occurrence of Rectal and Colon Cancer has been on the rise for many years. Read the new H.I.C. article on Rectal and Colon Cancer to get more in-depth information.


Suffering from chronic fatigue? Then take a minute to read H.I.C. guest author Dr. Jacob Teitelbaums post on what you can do about Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.


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