Hemorrhoids are a fact of life and although they are also often a source of humor, their presence is no joke. Though usually not a critical health risk, the pain they generate is critical for sufferers. Treating hemorrhoids is a serious matter for a majority of people around the world because by the age of 50 over half the population will develop hemorrhoids that require some form of treatment. Ten to twenty million Americans are living with active hemorrhoids, and spend over 250 million dollars yearly on over-the-counter products – with five million seeking medical treatment. Hemorrhoid treatment would be unnecessary if people would alter just a few simple daily practices including diet, their bathroom routine and overall health habits. Please read further to learn which hemorrhoid treatment option is best for you, including your own preventative measures – written by one of the top hemorrhoid surgeons in America.

Did you know that hemorrhoids are one of the top three most searched health conditions on the internet? That’s why you can find tons of hemorrhoid treatment products being sold on web. It is also why you have to be extra careful in your approach when considering buying one of these products. This health condition is full of unethical companies, snake oil salesman and “get rich quick" scam artists. We suggest reading this H.I.C. Digestive Health article before you start your research.


This H.I.C. article will show you some images of internal and external hemorrrhoids. It also tells us the causes of hemorrhoids.


Prolapsed hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment information. Prolapsed Hemorrhoids come in second, third, and fourth degree stages. This post by David Gilbert goes into fine detail on Prolapsed Hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment options. It covers all 3 possible stages regarding Prolapsed Hemorrhoids and the treatment options that are available.


How are hemorrhoids diagnosed? This H.I.C. article written by Joy Seeman explains the different methods currently used by physicians today for diagnosing hemorrhoids.


Being pregnant and having hemorrhoids is actually quite common. The good news is most of the time these hemorrhoids will go away after the baby is born. In the meantime take a few minutes to read this article which will give you some pointers on how to relieve some of the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids while you’re pregnant.


Truck drivers often suffer from hemorrhoids. Here are 12 steps that any truck driver can do to help heal hemorrhoids while on the road. So take a few minutes and read this article written especially for truck drivers who have hemorrhoids.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are really a form of external hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can often be extremely painful. This H.I.C. article on thrombosed hemorrhoids will tell you the causes, symptoms and treatment options behind this often painful hemorrhoidal condition.


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