Hemorrhoidolysis hemorrhoid treatment is a fairly new procedure. Hemorrhoidolysis is used and has been shown to work best with internal hemorrhoid conditions. H.I.C. author David Gilbert tells us what this “new kid on the block” hemorrhoid treatment is all about.


Think you might be getting hemorrhoids? First of all, don’t panic. Half the worlds population will have some form of hemorrhoids by the age of 50, so you are far from alone. Read this article by H.I.C. author David Gilbert for more detailed information.


Over 75 million Americans suffer from a painful condition that no one really wants to talk about –hemorrhoids. These swollen, inflamed veins and capillaries around the anus are linked to constipation, straining at the stool, pregnancy, dehydration, and certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. They are caused by a diet consisting of low fiber, few nutrients, and too many refined foods.

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Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy hemorrhoid surgery has a high rate of success both in eliminating hemorrhoids and resolving the more dangerous hemorrhoid symptoms like rectal bleeding. Read this in depth article for more information on Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy procedures.


Hemorrhoid Care for children follows most of the same principals and methodologies as prescribed for adults. There is however a few very important differences in the way a child should be treated with hemorrhoids. Read this H.I.C. article for more information.


Can fiber help when you are already stricken with a bad case of hemorrhoids? Read on to find out more info.


In growing numbers, people with a wide range of medical issues turn to herbal remedies for treatment from everything between a toothache to cancer. The tradition of herbal or naturopathic medicine has even gained remarkable acceptance by standard medical (allopathic) practices. Although the multibillion pharmaceutical industry controls what doctors prescribe in most instances, there are many natural plants and minerals that are often just as effective as chemicals. The key is knowing what’s best and for a condition like hemorrhoids that’s not serious this article lists a variety of herbal remedies that have proven effective over time.


Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids is a common problem amongst women. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to developing hemorrhoids due to the consistent pressure that is exerted by the fetus upon the pelvic region. The continual straining that occurs during bowel movements as a result of this pressure can result in the hemorrhoidal veins of the anus [...]


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