hemorrhoids and constipation

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Constipation and Hemorrhoids. At first, finding relief from hemorrhoids through your diet and an exercise program may not make sense to you. Since hemorrhoids affect the last junction in the alimentary canal and seem unrelated to what you eat and how you live. But eating healthy foods helps your digestive tract maintain balance. Exercise activates a sluggish digestive system. There is a definite link between your diet and lifestyle, and whether you suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation. The good news is that you most likely can eliminate both complaints with a few dietary and lifestyle changes.

Constipation and hemorrhoids are very common to have at the same time. In fact, constipation is the number one cause of hemorrhoid symptoms. Certainly, there are many factors leading to constipation other than diet, such as medication, aging, or overuse of laxatives. But whatever has led to the constipation, straining to pass hard bowel movements is probably the underlying cause of most cases of hemorrhoids. The longer wastes stay in the colon, the more water is absorbed from them, leaving the feces dry and hard. The contractions of the intestinal walls must work harder and harder to move the waste along if the body is sluggish.

Constipation is defined as having two or more of the following symptoms:

Having fewer than three bowel movements a week
Having stools that are hard and dry
Straining excessively at evacuation
Experiencing pain during the bowel movement
Feeling that you have not completed all the bowel movement
Using manual movements as with a finger or palpitating near the rectum to help elimination.


· Start drinking more water; preferably, six to eight glasses daily which will supply the lubrication that your system needs.

· Add fiber to your diet, at least 20 to 35 grams every day. Fiber absorbs more water and creates bulk to soften the stool. Foods containing high amounts of fiber are beans, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cheese, meat, and processed foods contain little fiber and intake should be limited.

· Limit the fat in your diet and choose lower fat alternatives instead. Eat low fat cheeses and drink skim milk. Avoid frying foods by choosing other methods such as broiling or baking.

· Exercise daily and create some goals for yourself. Walking is a good way to start exercising and you can increase the time gradually to build up your endurance.

Once you start making these changes in your life, the results should show up quickly. Not only will you feel better mentally, but your body will work better, freeing you from the problems of constipation and hemorrhoids.

written by,

Joy Seeman

© 2010 H.I.C. Digestive Health

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