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Detox Diets – Separating Fact from Hype

Alternative and conventional medical professionals have long debated about the use of detoxification diets. Conventional medicine has contested that the body possesses an excellent elimination system and does not require outside intervention for detoxifying itself. However, alternative medicine and some nutritionists contend that this system may have been adequate in the past but with today’s unhealthy habits and less than perfect environment, relying solely on the body’s elimination system may not be enough.

Both parties have a point. It’s true that the body possesses a powerful elimination system. The respiratory system serves to filter the air we breathe removing impurities in the air and supplying oxygen to the body. It is also able to expel minerals and impurities from the body thru the urinary and excretory system. The intestines for example contain colonies of friendly bacteria that neutralize harmful toxins. The body could also expel toxins by simply sweating them out.


Probiotics neutralize harmful toxins

The human body however can only take so much and with todays barrage of toxins and pollution it is better to take precautions rather than pay the price of expensive medical treatments. People often consult with their doctors when toxicity levels have reached their maximum and have already shown signs of illnesses. Dialysis machines are used to replace failing kidneys and chelation therapies to remove toxins in the blood. Alternative and holistic medicine professionals support detoxification diets as a method of supporting the body’s natural elimination system. Definitely, the human body has been designed to handle toxins and eliminate them naturally from our systems. However, the major concern is that are they able to handle the ever growing amount of toxins that enter our bodies every day. Detoxification programs were developed to complement the body’s elimination system and not take over their functions.

Some of the most popular methods of detoxification could only be described as extreme. Detox programs often go overboard instructing people to avoid food for days making them ineffective but more importantly counterproductive in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Doing a moderate detoxification program is still the best way to proceed. Moderate detox programs involves taking in whole based food with natural supplements making them safe and less likely to negatively affect normal metabolism.

Not as quick as some of the more popular detox programs these usually take weeks or months but offer users a more long lasting improvement in terms of their health and vitality. Moderate programs also help people develop a healthier eating habit which gives them a sustainable weight loss solution.

The promise of a better looking body in just a couple of days has made quick-fix detox programs more alluring and exciting to many people. Most of this has just been a mere marketing ploy tricking people into shelling their hard earned money on such gimmickry. Some of these methods even border on the silly to the bizarre. Spas and health salons offer their customers foot baths which they say siphon off the toxins in the body. The general rule is that if it’s too good to be true then more likely than not it’s just a plain advertising strategy.

written by, Ronald Uy, RN

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