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Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair mineral analysis done with a reputable lab and an experienced nutritionist or preventative-health-conscious physician is good for anyone suffering from a chronic or acute condition with no explanation found from traditional routes as it opens up new options by recognizing your biochemical individuality. By measuring the mineral content in your hair, you are able to get a much more accurate level than serum (blood) test levels of specific minerals. It’s not as accurate as using a red blood cell test for each mineral, but the intra-cellular testing method is very expensive, and usually it’s used only for things like suspected serious metabolic disorders or severe deficiencies.  A comprehensive-blood-testing panel and nutritional blood analysis is an excellent starting point for any health or nutrition program. Hair-mineral testing is important when you need more information or you suspect mineral imbalances or heavy-metal toxicity.

Hair mineral analysis can be used to pick up deficiencies or excesses in specific minerals that could result in depression, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity, ADD/ADHD, headaches, hypertension, arthritis, hair loss, anemia, thyroid disorders that are either sub-clinical or unresponsive to medications, digestive disorders, blood sugar issues, cardiovascular disease, mood problems, allergies and autism.  Mineral imbalances found in hair-mineral analysis can lead to metabolic dysfunctions before any symptoms manifest. Even if you have no serious health problems, a baseline-hair-mineral analysis can help to prevent serious issues in the future.

Some physical signs of mineral deficiencies or imbalances

Sign:  White spots on nails                                    Zinc deficiency
Sign:  Longitudinal ridging in nails                   Iron deficiency
Sign:  Brittle, dry hair and nails                         Calcium/Copper
Sign:  Deep grooves across (horizontally)        Zinc deficiency
Sign:  Stretch marks                                              Zinc deficiency
Sign:  Mood Problems                                            Toxic metal

These indicators can be early signs of metabolic disturbances and may lead to serious problems if not checked. The test I use most often comes with comprehensive food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations designed to restore biochemical balance and health. A good nutritionist will combine the recommendations from the hair mineral test with the health history, symptom analysis and other tests (especially blood nutrient testing) to design a program biochemically unique to each clients’ needs.

Hair Mineral Analysis testing and analysis has never failed to offer answers to the complex biochemical puzzles that make up clients’ health issues.  A good nutritionist uses nutritional blood testing with almost every client to get a picture of general health issues and hair mineral testing for anyone with signs like the ones listed above, or as a deeper look into mineral levels; it is a good strategy for anyone needing a nutritional intervention, but not sure where to go next for answers. Just as with blood and stool testing make sure you use a reputable, reliable lab that has done hair-mineral testing and analysis for many years. A lab that specializes in this method of testing is preferable: Analytical Research Labs, Genova Diagnostic Labs, Doctor’s Data and Metametrix are all considered reputable labs. As always, your questions are welcomed. -Juli

Juli Keen Nutritionist

Juli Keene Nutritionist

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