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The Hemorrhoid Information Center was initially created to serve as the sister-site to a commercial enterprise that sells herbal remedies for a variety of bowel health issues. In a short period of time it became clear to me that there existed an overwhelming need to provide for the public, unbiased information that was in no way influenced by, or vulnerable to, the conflict of interests that attend affiliation with corporate or commercial ventures. As such, HIC’s mission from the outset has been to provide for its users the most accurate and current information possible necessary to achieve maximum digestive health. HIC was founded on the principle that the health of the individual is contingent upon the quality of information they are able to acquire.

To our users, be assured that HIC has no allegiance or affiliation with any particular company or corporation, nor does it advocate or favor one company’s products over another. HIC provides a service, which is to make accessible the information necessary for individuals to understand what condition they might be suffering from, what course of actions are available to them, and what decisions they can make in conjunction with their health care providers to ensure they receive maximum benefit from their chosen treatment. The information on this site is freely dispensed; the primary intention being that our user’s optimum health is more important to us than profit. In this spirit, integrity and honesty remains the guiding principles upon which we operate.

Should you have any comments or questions, suggestions or even compliments, please feel free to share them with us on our contact page.


Mitchell Rimland - [email protected]

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Mitchell Rimland H.I.C.

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