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Fat can do your body good. That’s right, fat. It’s just a matter of choosing the right types and amounts of fat to incorporate in your daily diet. In this HIC article written by Ian Cohen, you’ll learn more about the benefits of good fats, as well as the hazards of bad fats, and how to distinguish between the two. This article also identifies those foods rich in good fats such as olives, walnuts and salmon. You’ll also identify food commonly known to contain bad fats like cakes, pies, whole milk and fried foods. By better understanding the differences and significance that fat plays in your diet, you’ll be able to make better decisions that affect your overall well-being.


Cholesterol is a naturally-occurring, fat-like, waxy substance which is mainly produced by the body’s liver and is found in animal fats, dairy products and fish. A normal diet should always contain recommended amounts of cholesterol. By age 20, it is recommended that cholesterol levels should be checked every 5 years. Doctors recommend that ideal cholesterol [...]

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