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Cushing’s syndrome

Millions suffer from adrenal-related disorders and they don’t even know it. You may be one of them. The adrenal glands are relatively small, but vital organs that manufacture key hormones which regulate the impact of nearly every internal and external stimulus event on the human body. As a key part of the complex endocrine system of glands, everything from illnesses, injuries, emergencies, digestion, physical, mental and emotional events are perceived, identified, managed and finally routine by this miracle mechanism of the human body. Without the smooth functionality of the adrenal glands, nearly every bodily system could be affected. A list of lifelong, devastating symptoms can occur if adrenal disorders are not properly diagnosed and treated. This is an extremely important, involved, and overlooked medical issue. Please carefully read this alert and refer to the listed symptoms and sources for further information about this serious medical condition.


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