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Digestion and Nutrition

Discussing our bowel movements is a difficult subject to talk about, and not the sort of topic that anyone brings up at the dinner table. However, knowing the difference between a healthy stool and one that may indicate signs of a serious medical condition, is essential in maintaining our overall health, and can also act as an early warning detector to a problem from within.This informative article by Clinical Nutritionist Julie Keene will help educate you to “read the signs” that your stool is telling you about your health.


Friendly-bacteria or Probiotics, as they’re clinicly called are being talked about a lot these days? If you watch TV or read health magazines, you’ve seen ads for “friendly bacteria” or “probiotics” that comes in yogurt, fermented or unfermented milk, soy products, or other foods. Evidently, these ads are working because spending for bacteria-ladened products has [...]

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