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Energy drinks come in colorful cans and have creative names. They seem woven into our culture now just like apple pie and beer. But, how safe are they? What ingredients go into making these high-octane formulas? H.I.C. writer Ronald Uy breaks it all down for you in this new article, “The truth behind energy drinks”.

Constipation is common in children and may be related to any of the causes noted in the previous section. In a small number of children, constipation may be the result of physical problems. Children with such defects as the absence of normal nerve endings in portions of the bowel, abnormalities of the spinal cord, thyroid [...]


Prolapsed hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment information. Prolapsed Hemorrhoids come in second, third, and fourth degree stages. This post by David Gilbert goes into fine detail on Prolapsed Hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment options. It covers all 3 possible stages regarding Prolapsed Hemorrhoids and the treatment options that are available.


What is Hyperglycemia ? Hyperglycemia comes from the Greek words “hyper” or a high state, “glykys” or sweets and “haemia” or blood. This medical condition refers to the abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood. This is a result of the body’s inability to produce enough insulin to utilize or store glucose. Diabetic patients [...]

Digestive disorders are often the result of unhealthy lifestyles and poor diets. These diseases are easily preventable but the number of people who continue to suffer from these disorders continues to increase each day. Simple conditions such as heartburn, obesity or constipation are easily relieved and prevented by having a proper diet and regular exercise. [...]


Finding relief from heartburn may seem like an easy thing to do if you can stop eating your favorite heartburn-causing foods. Sometimes finding relief is much more difficult than not eating that extra piece of pizza or chocolate cake. Some people seem to experience heartburn with every meal and nothing they do seems to bring relief. Over the counter antacid medication such as Tums and Rolaids work for many individuals suffering from heartburn, but not all. Read this in-depth article by H.I.C. author Joy Seeman to find out the many causes and symptoms of Heartburn as well as treatment options.

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Untreated Anorexia Nervosa leads to unspeakable hell for those who suffer its devastating psychological and physical effects. Although a great deal of media attention has focused on this disease and its impact in the world of fashion, sports and performing arts, Anorexia remains a complicated and misunderstood condition that impacts the lives of thousands daily in all walks of life.This article by Ronald Uy, RN, tears the lid off this shadowy world and sharply defines what Anorexia really is, its signs and symptoms, who is at the greatest risk, what leads to it, how it is diagnosed, while providing sound advice and hope for sufferers as well as friends and family.


Can Stool Testing Help Chronic Digestive Issues?  You bet it can!  Diseases of the human digestive system are a painful reality to many people every day. Over 50 million people currently suffer from debilitating digestive system diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease and Colitis. Other people with various digestive symptoms such as hemorrhoids, [...]


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