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Digestive System

What happens to the human bodies digestive system as we age? Learn how aging affects our teeth, esophagus, stomach and other vital organs necessary for healthy digestion. Read this informative article by H.I.C. team author Ronald Uy to get fascinating facts about the aging process and our digestive system.

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling that made you do something different than you were going to? Well it’s not a coincidence. Modern research has started to uncover a mysterious but physical connection between the nervous system and the digestive system. Read on as H.I.C author and contributor Dr. Seth Pearl explores this topic in detail.

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It has long been noted that to have a strong immune system, there first must be a healthy digestive system. These two systems used to be thought of as separate entities.  Now, through research, an intimate connection between the two has been discovered. When we think of the digestive system, we think of it as [...]


Gastritis comes from two words, “gastro” referring to the stomach and “itis” a suffix usually used in medical conditions meaning inflammation. Simply put, gastritis is a medical condition wherein the stomach is inflamed. The areas affected by this medical condition are the linings of the stomach. Gastritis can be classified into chronic or long term, [...]

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We love our coffee here in America. H.I.C. author Joy Seeman discusses in this article, the good, and not so good effects coffee has on the body. Does drinking decaf coffee really make a big difference.

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