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Eating Disorders

Today’s society pressures people to have an excellent physique and look attractive. This pressure has caused major problems in the human psyche. Instead of a healthy diet and exercise, people are now purging to look good. The abuse of purging actually gives the patient a sense of relief, this is a psychological disorder known as bulimia nervosa. In this H.I.C. article, by Ronald Uy, you will learn various symptoms of bulimia and recommended treatments to help someone with this psychological disorder. Bulimia is a serious concern and extremely unhealthy. If you know someone with this disorder please read on and you can help them.

Untreated Anorexia Nervosa leads to unspeakable hell for those who suffer its devastating psychological and physical effects. Although a great deal of media attention has focused on this disease and its impact in the world of fashion, sports and performing arts, Anorexia remains a complicated and misunderstood condition that impacts the lives of thousands daily in all walks of life.This article by Ronald Uy, RN, tears the lid off this shadowy world and sharply defines what Anorexia really is, its signs and symptoms, who is at the greatest risk, what leads to it, how it is diagnosed, while providing sound advice and hope for sufferers as well as friends and family.


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