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Hemorrhoid Information

This H.I.C. article will show you some images of internal and external hemorrrhoids. It also tells us the causes of hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoidolysis hemorrhoid treatment is a fairly new procedure. Hemorrhoidolysis is used and has been shown to work best with internal hemorrhoid conditions. H.I.C. author David Gilbert tells us what this “new kid on the block” hemorrhoid treatment is all about.


Have you wanted to eat more often than a normal person would do?  Are you always thirsty?  Do you feel like you are urinating more than a litre every time to you go to the bathroom? Do you always feel tired more than the usual?  If the answers to these questions are “yes”, then maybe [...]

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Think you might be getting hemorrhoids? First of all, don’t panic. Half the worlds population will have some form of hemorrhoids by the age of 50, so you are far from alone. Read this article by H.I.C. author David Gilbert for more detailed information.


Can fiber help when you are already stricken with a bad case of hemorrhoids? Read on to find out more info.


Infrared Coagulation is a non-surgical procedure used to treat internal hemorrhoids. Infrared Coagulation is known as a fixative treatment, and is similar to other fixative treatments such as Rubber Band Ligation and Sclerotherapy, in that its objective is it reduce hemorrhoidal symptoms by eliminating hemorrhoids through obstruction of blood-flow to the infected region. Individuals can suffer from a variety of hemorrhoids, each case presenting its own symptoms and necessitating different courses of treatment.


Many medical techniques have been developed in recent years to alleviate the pain and suffering of patients with hemorrhoids. These methods are a vast improvement over the traditional hemorrhoidectomy surgery which required hospitalization and a lengthy recuperation period. Although the success rate is not as high with these treatments, they have many advantages over invasive [...]


Treating Hemorrhoids with a Squat Toilet my seem a little, well, left of center. However, truth be told, it’s anything but. It’s a known fact that our “western” style toilet  puts an unnecessary strain on the  body while in the process of  a bowel movement.The impact of the western toilet or porcelain throne, which was [...]


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