This H.I.C. article will show you some images of internal and external hemorrrhoids. It also tells us the causes of hemorrhoids.


Prolapsed hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment information. Prolapsed Hemorrhoids come in second, third, and fourth degree stages. This post by David Gilbert goes into fine detail on Prolapsed Hemorrhoid symptoms and treatment options. It covers all 3 possible stages regarding Prolapsed Hemorrhoids and the treatment options that are available.


How are hemorrhoids diagnosed? This H.I.C. article written by Joy Seeman explains the different methods currently used by physicians today for diagnosing hemorrhoids.


Thrombosed hemorrhoids are really a form of external hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can often be extremely painful. This H.I.C. article on thrombosed hemorrhoids will tell you the causes, symptoms and treatment options behind this often painful hemorrhoidal condition.


Over 75 million Americans suffer from a painful condition that no one really wants to talk about –hemorrhoids. These swollen, inflamed veins and capillaries around the anus are linked to constipation, straining at the stool, pregnancy, dehydration, and certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. They are caused by a diet consisting of low fiber, few nutrients, and too many refined foods.

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Hemorrhoid surgery is performed for hemorrhoidal conditions that are classified as either third grade or fourth grade. The third stage or grade is where the hemorrhoids protrude (prolapsed hemorrhoids) through the anus and must be manually reinserted back into the rectum. In the fourth stage, the hemorrhoids cannot even be pushed back inside, and they [...]


Treating Hemorrhoids with a Squat Toilet my seem a little, well, left of center. However, truth be told, it’s anything but. It’s a known fact that our “western” style toilet puts an unnecessary strain on the body while in the process of a bowel movement.The impact of the western toilet or porcelain throne, which was [...]


Although when the sight of blood on toilet tissue or in the bowl can be alarming, usually it’s a simple matter of bleeding hemorrhoids which can be easily diagnosed and treated. Like it or not, hemorrhoids are a fact of life and can be a source or embarrassment and/or pain, but rarely lead to anything more serious. If you need the lowdown on what causes the condition, its symptoms and what measures you can take to relieve the condition through medication and diet, read on. This is a comprehensive, in-depth look at bleeding hemorrhoids and – most importantly – how to recognize the difference between mere bleeding hemorrhoids and more serious issues of anal bleeding and hemorrhage because no one should sit still and ignore the problem.


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