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Thrombosed hemorrhoids are really a form of external hemorrhoids. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can often be extremely painful. This H.I.C. article on thrombosed hemorrhoids will tell you the causes, symptoms and treatment options behind this often painful hemorrhoidal condition.


Treating Hemorrhoids with a Squat Toilet my seem a little, well, left of center. However, truth be told, it’s anything but. It’s a known fact that our “western” style toilet  puts an unnecessary strain on the  body while in the process of  a bowel movement.The impact of the western toilet or porcelain throne, which was [...]


The two most effective ways of relieving the pain of hemorrhoids, which give prompt relief and have gratifying results, are the most simple. They are the use of the elevated-pelvis position and the ordinary hot sitz-bath. If you have a comfortable position to start with, there is usually a better outcome in reducing the pain [...]

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Hemorrhoids and your diet Eating a balanced diet by following the Food Guide Pyramid guidelines is an important first step towards good eating habits. However, in order to maximize your success, you should limit your fat intake, drink plenty of water and eat fiber-rich foods. Keeping hemorrhoids away by eating healthy is an obtainable goal. [...]


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