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Hair mineral analysis done with a reputable lab and an experienced nutritionist or preventative-health-conscious physician is good for anyone suffering from a chronic or acute condition with no explanation found from traditional routes as it opens up new options by recognizing your biochemical individuality. By measuring the mineral content in your hair, you are able [...]


Untreated Anorexia Nervosa leads to unspeakable hell for those who suffer its devastating psychological and physical effects. Although a great deal of media attention has focused on this disease and its impact in the world of fashion, sports and performing arts, Anorexia remains a complicated and misunderstood condition that impacts the lives of thousands daily in all walks of life.This article by Ronald Uy, RN, tears the lid off this shadowy world and sharply defines what Anorexia really is, its signs and symptoms, who is at the greatest risk, what leads to it, how it is diagnosed, while providing sound advice and hope for sufferers as well as friends and family.


What’s a proper diet for you? How bad is eating fast food for your health? What is the new food pyramid the USDA has issued all about? Find out the answers the these questions and a lot more by reading this H.I.C. article.

It has long been noted that to have a strong immune system, there first must be a healthy digestive system. These two systems used to be thought of as separate entities.  Now, through research, an intimate connection between the two has been discovered. When we think of the digestive system, we think of it as [...]


Over 75 million Americans suffer from a painful condition that no one really wants to talk about –hemorrhoids. These swollen, inflamed veins and capillaries around the anus are linked to constipation, straining at the stool, pregnancy, dehydration, and certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. They are caused by a diet consisting of low fiber, few nutrients, and too many refined foods.

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