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We love our coffee here in America. H.I.C. author Joy Seeman discusses in this article, the good, and not so good effects coffee has on the body. Does drinking decaf coffee really make a big difference.

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Did you know that over 50% of pregnant woman suffer from severe heartburn? This H.I.C. article written by Joy Seeman will explain the primary causes as to why heartburn occurs when pregnant. Joy will give you several tips to relieve heartburn during pregnancy as well as simple preventative measures you can take that indeed do work. Pregnancy should be an exciting time, picking out possible choices for your babies name or buying Fisher Price Toys, not running around the house looking for extra strength Tums.


Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids is a common problem amongst women.  Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to developing hemorrhoids due to the consistent pressure that is exerted by the fetus upon the pelvic region.  The continual straining that occurs during bowel movements as a result of this pressure can result in the hemorrhoidal veins of the anus [...]


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