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Womens health

The occurrence of Rectal and Colon Cancer has been on the rise for many years. Read the new H.I.C. article on Rectal and Colon Cancer to get more in-depth information.


There are shocking differences between calcium sources that can make all the difference. Learn how to optimize your bone density results by making better calcium choices. A new original article from H.I.C. guest author Dr. Marcus Laux gives us the inside scoop on calcium.


E Coli Bacteria has been in the news several times over the past few years. It has been the cause of acute sickness and even death in many countries. This H.I.C. article will provide the reader with a complete overview and history of the E Coli Bacteria.


How are hemorrhoids diagnosed? This H.I.C. article written by Joy Seeman explains the different methods currently used by physicians today for diagnosing hemorrhoids.


Diabetes can produce a lot of serious medical complications, and some of these short-term complications include hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Both medical conditions are dangerous and are caused by abnormal glucose levels in the blood. Glucose is an important ingredient for normal body functioning. They are the body’s main source of energy, and controlling proper levels [...]


Discussing our bowel movements is a difficult subject to talk about, and not the sort of topic that anyone brings up at the dinner table. However, knowing the difference between a healthy stool and one that may indicate signs of a serious medical condition, is essential in maintaining our overall health, and can also act as an early warning detector to a problem from within.This informative article by Clinical Nutritionist Julie Keene will help educate you to “read the signs” that your stool is telling you about your health.


Stomach Cancer, every year thousands of Americans are diagnosed with it. According to numbers released by the American Cancer Society, more than 20,000 individuals are diagnosed yearly with the disease. The rate of new cases, however, has been decreasing over the years because of continued medical research efforts and in general an increased awareness about [...]

Every year thousands of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes. Although the cause of diabetes is unknown, studies show that unhealthy diets and lifestyles increases the chances of developing the disease. Diabetes is a medical condition which can cause a lot of serious complications. When left untreated, these complications could seriously affect a person’s quality of life or eventually be fatal. Read this H.I.C. article by Ronald Uy to find out more about the many health complications caused by diabetes.


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