Squat Toilets and hemorrhoids

Treating Hemorrhoids with Squat Toilets

Treating Hemorrhoids with a Squat Toilet my seem a little, well, left of center. However, truth be told, it’s anything but. It’s a known fact that our “western” style toilet puts an unnecessary strain on the body while in the process of a bowel movement. The impact of the western toilet or porcelain throne, which was invented about 150 years ago, forced unsuspecting users to change from squatting to sitting on a toilet. This change has led to great distress, pain and suffering in some individuals. Two-thirds of the planet still uses the squat position, and for the most part, these people do not suffer with hemorrhoids as our “Western” culture does. Studies have shown that squatting, not the sitting posture, is the much more natural position to empty the bowels. This is the position in which the colon and body were designed to work. In the sitting position, it is physically impossible to evacuate waste matter completely. People who sit on toilets very often have a sensation that there is more to come, but it won’t come out without straining. The squatting position permits the straightening of the anorectal angle, which allows the anus to open freely for the smooth movement of the feces, and, thereby, it exerts the least amount of pressure to avoid straining.

In my estimation, squatting is another preventative to help cure hemorrhoids because it prevents continual aggravation and injury due to straining in the sitting position. When this problem is removed, natural healing will happen. However, we do not sell the squat platforms, but if you are interested, let us know by e-mail, and we will put you in touch with the company that does make them. You can also type Squat Toilets in Google and research the different manufactures that make them.

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